Higher Education in France – Reflections of an American Student

Starting the next academic year, I will be paying 170 EUR for one year of university tuition. Yes, process that. I know that for any college student in the United States reading this article, that may sound like fiction. Whenever I discuss the topic of financing my education in Europe with my family, there's a… Continue reading Higher Education in France – Reflections of an American Student


Public Transit – Montpellier, France

17h30. Montpellier, France. It's rush hour; the tram is completely full, meaning that I'm pressed against the side of the tramcar (I just managed to squeeze in). My body is in contact four other bodies. There is an odor of breath food in the air. Neutral expressions and the occasional "pardon" when the bumping gets… Continue reading Public Transit – Montpellier, France

Lefty Cursive: A Brief How-To

I've written this post due to the lack of writing advice for left-handed people. As it stands, it's rare to find anything genuinely usefully. There is information out there - books, articles, websites, etc. - but I don't think it's ever thorough enough. I hope this post will be of some help to any lefties… Continue reading Lefty Cursive: A Brief How-To

Penmanship (a lefty’s perspective)

There's something about physically forming words by hand. When the flow is right and the loops and lines seem to fall perfectly in place I feel rewarded by a sense of productivity. But why should anyone care about handwriting? Since childhood I've heard that it's a dying practice (I grew up in the early 2000's)… Continue reading Penmanship (a lefty’s perspective)

as I was saying…

Note - this is (what I'll call) a meta-post, meaning that it's somewhat of a reflection on previous blogs, etc. It serves as a mediator between the previously published articles on this site and future content. At first I considered deleting the entire thing. I had no desire to even glance at the posts which… Continue reading as I was saying…

8/15/17 – Parallel Lines

One often asks if it's worth it—if going through the motions of a regularly scheduled mental breakdown is worth it. Actually, it's a pretty interesting conversation to have with oneself. Humans are creatures of habit; we have highly refined skills that enable us to predict events that might occur based on a series of previous… Continue reading 8/15/17 – Parallel Lines

5/16/17 – Change

The digestive process of change is an interesting one, and unlike our physical digestive system, each of us seems to have a different set of operations to find the balance back to stability. That's basically what change is, the inverse of stability. However uncomfortable it may be, it is absolutely necessary for our survival. Adaptation.… Continue reading 5/16/17 – Change